Susan Ursprung’s music background started out in the car singing harmonies with her family, listening to her dad’s band, and impromptu singing over card games around her grandparents’ kitchen table in PEI, where Acadian tongues sang songs in French and English in wonderful collisions with Celtic rhythm. She went on to study piano, violin, flute, and guitar. Following four years of singing in coffee houses and performing with the Merimanders, the women’s a capella group at Bates College, she and her husband formed a bluegrass band, a children’s music band, and for the past 25 years, a rock band covering classic rock with forays into more recent favorites.


Over most of her life, she wrote poetry to a wide variety of melodies and rhythms that she thought she’d heard before. When it became clear that no one had in fact heard them, she realized they were her own. Through the encouragement of her family and friends, the recording of these tunes has begun. It has been a delightful process of collaboration and experimentation. She is totally indebted to Mike Harmon, Audie Bridges, Zach Bridges and Steve Tapper for their enthusiastic embrace of each project.  Their superb skill, unflagging energy and dedication have made the process a complete joy.